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SDK / Plugin

Synthesis Plugin technology allows the customer to develop data base adapter without the need of understanding the details of the SyncML standard. It's an ideal division of work between Synthesis and the customer's project: Synthesis delivers a scalable, high performance SyncML OMA DS 1.2 engine, which is interoperability-tested against a huge variety of SyncML devices on the market. The customer only needs the specific knowledge to access his own data base framework.

A small interface with only 48 well documented and easy-to-use functions is the bridge of interaction. All SyncML protocol details are hidden.

With the SySync SDK, the customer is able to create plug-ins, which will be called directly by the Synthesis SyncML engine.
  • Programming interface for C/C++ and Java
  • Windows, Linux and Mac OSX (including Intel Macs) target platforms are supported.
  • „Ready to use“ example code for a demo module in C, C++ and Java
  • The code can be compiled by the customer as a Dynamic Link Library ( DLL )
  • Multiple plug-ins can be used in parallel at the same time.
  • The SDK allows multi-threading for supporting multiple simultaneous sessions of the SyncML server.
  • Easy configuration via the main XML configuration file.
The Plugin-Interface is the ideal choice when a programming environment, but no ODBC interface is available. The Plugins can be used together with the Synthesis SyncML ODBC Client / Server PRO. There are no additional license costs for using plugins instead of ODBC interface.

Full-Featured Evaluation Version available:
Just request a free 60-day evaluation license on-line (you need to be registered user of the website to get access).