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About Synthesis AG

Synthesis AG was founded 1996 with the Basic Idea of "synthesis" and "sustainable development". The company has worked in several different projects related to this main topics, partly in cooperation with partner companies. The technological competence of Synthesis AG was partly in software from the very beginning. During the year 1999 the management decided to focus entirely on the software business.

Synthesis is an AG (Aktiengesellschaft) according to Swiss laws.




Synthesis AG
Badenerstrasse 18
CH-8004 Zürich

Telephone & Fax

Please note that our preferred way of communication is email. We might not be reachable by telephone without prior being noticed of your call - please send us an email first announcing the time of your call whenever possible. Thank you!

Tel: ++41 44 440 66 00
Fax: ++41 44 440 66 04