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?I am using your client with my server, and it shows Error XXX. Why?
!It is very difficult to answer this without the following information:
  • What type of server are you using (service provider, product name)?
  • What settings did you use in the client (sync mode, database path, options)?
  • When did you get the error message (immediately, after some time) and what status messages did you see displayed before the error?
  • Which version (STD or PRO, Version number as shown in the About... dialog) of the client did you use and on what platform (Windows Mobile 2002/2003/5/6/6.x with or without touchscreen, PalmOS 4.x/5.x, iPhoneOS 2.x/3.x)
  • What device (model name) are you using?

In addition, solving SyncML problems without having access to the server is often not possible. So if you have a means to contact the people who operate the SyncML service, please ask them first - in case they think the problem is at our side, they can of course contact us directly to resolve the issue.

For a general explanation of error codes, please refer to the manual contained in the download packages for the software itself (or separate download for the iPhone)