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?eGroupware does not sync postal addresses and photos correctly

eGroupware seems to support some sync fields (mainly photos and addresses) depending on the identification of the client. This works correctly for the default setting (where the Android client identifies as PocketPC).

It does not work completely however, if the client identifies as "SySync Client Android STD/PRO". We recommend URGENTLY to switch this setting off at the client's server settings when using an eGroupware server.

If there was already a sync with the eGroupware server using the "SySync Client Android" setting, the sync history for this device and this user must be deleted completely ( Settings -> Device History ), else the identification change of the client will not have any influence. The same effect can be reach with the alternate deviceID, as the server thinks to communicate with a new device.

Synthesis client version V2.2.21 identificates as "Synthesis" (instead of "Synthesis AG" in the former versions). The eGroupware server checks this (though this completely agains the SyncML standard) and ignores sync fields (as photos and addresses). So Synthesis changed this back to "Synthesis AG" for V2.3.2.