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?Accounts will be removed after restart of the device

Android 2.2 and later has the ability to install apps on the sdcard (instead of using internal memory).

This is a good thing to save internal memory, but a bad idea to do it with the Synthesis app, that's why the Synthesis app is blocked in the settings for such actions.

Unfortunately there are apps which are ignoring this blocking and moving the apps to sdcard. The result is that the Synthesis app will have problems due to Android bugs: Own accounts will be removed after restart of the device, Widgets will not be displayed and timed sync will not restart. So it's no good idea to do so!

A related problem is also there for some early versions of Android 4.1.2. Here there is no longer an option for moving apps to the SD card. Too bad, this version moves ALL apps to the SD card, that's why the problems described above will appear again. There is an Android update in the meantime (also 4.1.2), which solves this problem. Unfortunately not all providers are offering this update. For this case we recommend to use a gmail account (which will not be removed) and switch off the sync to gmail.

Synthesis can't introduce any workaround, as the sysync accounts will be removed actively during boot (as the Synthesis app as owner of the account will not be seen by the system). At that time the Synthesis app is not yet running !