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?Synchronizing with SmarterMail does not work correctly - what can I do?

SmarterMail has a wrong implementation for password recognition which does not allow a login correctly with md5 hashed passwords. We've contacted them and they've done a fix for it in October 2012 (which is at least available as test version, possibly available already in the current release). Alternatively the Synthesis app (version V2.4.12 and later) can send a cleartext password with the hidden option " :CTPW" (at the end of the server's user name). This solves the problem as well for SmarterMail. We highly recommend a https connection with an errorfree SSL implementation (catchword "Heartbleed") when using this mode.

Additionally Smartermail does not support date ranges, so this setting has to be switched off

Newer versions (we've tested with 11.7) seem to have solved the password problem, however SyncML 1.2 does not work (because using an old 1.0/1.1 devInf). Solid working seems to be possible only with SyncML 1.0, with the side effect that mid size photos can't be transmitted. Their WBXML protocol seems to have errors, with XML works ( hidden option " :XML)

SmarterMail forces a Slow Sync for every sync session, and deletes items (which is not in line with the SyncML standard). This can cause data loss on client's side. Furtheron the server tries to update items which are not existing anymore.