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?My License's Registration Code does not work. What can I do?
!The most common case is that the license is for the STD version of the product, but the PRO version is installed on your device. Please make sure that with a STD license, you have installed the STD version of the software (the other way around is no problem - with a PRO license, you can also use a STD version of the software).

Please also make sure you don't use an outdated version of the software - versions prior to might not work with licenses purchased in 2007 or later. Please use the current 3.x release if possible, or at least (if you must stay at 2.5.x for server side reasons).

In addition, please check that you are entering the information correctly. Both license text (usually your name and email address) and the license code must be entered exactly as shown in the email you have received from us or when purchasing the license.

The license text is case sensitive, and always on a single line (note that some email programs sometimes wrap long lines and make it appear on two lines).

In the license code, make sure that O is entered as the letter O and never as digit zero, and I is entered as letter i and not letter L or digit 1.
Unlike the license text, the license code is not case sensitive, and the separating dashes can be omitted to save typing.