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?The license is for my organisation - why is my name in the license text?
!The license text is shown on the software's main screen to identify to whom the license belongs.

To be effective, this identification must be reasonably precise. A mere name of a company with possibly thousands of employees is not a very precise identification, however. That's why when purchasing a license online at, by default the personal name of the purchaser is used in the license text.

If this is not suitable for you, consider the following options:

  • If you are purchasing on-line on behalf of someone else, just enter that person's name instead of your own. The name of the credit card holder is asked for separately, so you can still use your own credit card for the payment.
  • For volume orders placed directly at Synthesis, you can specify what license text you would like to have. We still would want some reasonably precise identification, but this can also be the company name plus the name of a working group, departement, project etc.