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?What is the URL, user and password to synchronize with the SyncML-Service from Company XY?

You need to ask this the provider of the service (Company XY). Only they can possibly know - we are only makers of a tool (the SyncML client), but usually have no information about third-party SyncML services.

We can only give a few hints and examples:

  • Wikipedia has a pretty complete list of SyncML enabled servers and services in their SyncML article
  • Oracle OCS and Oracle Beehive collaboration tools support SyncML and are tested with Synthesis SyncML clients. Please contact your local Oracle OCS/Beehive support to get information how to configure SyncML.
  • For desktop synchronisation with Windows computers, a product from Bertels+Hirsch named Winfonie mobile provides a SyncML server for Windows PCs that interfaces with Outlook, Lotus, Tobit and other software. The MDaemon mail server solution from Alt-N also has a built-in SyncML server compatible with our products
  • To synchronize with Google Calendar, have a look at
  • There are free services like mobilcal, O-Sync and many others.
  • A paid service that offers sync via SyncML, and also connects to a number of other calendaring system is