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?Do you have a product to sync mobiles with Apple Mac OS X
!The answer is two-fold:

Yes, our SyncML Server with ODBC interface can be used on Mac OS X together with a SQL database engine that supports ODBC on Mac OS X, such as MySQL or Filemaker Server (and the demo server can be used to sync data from tab separated text files).

However, we do not have a SyncML server that interfaces to iCal and Addressbook. The reason is because Apple?s iSync is a SyncML server itself which does exactly this. We are aware that iSync does not support all SyncML devices yet we might support with our server. However, Apple is constantly improving iSync and therefore there is no market for a parallel solution from us.
With our new database plugin SDK, it is however possible to write custom database adaptors in C,C++ or Java - for example one that accesses Mac OS X address book and iCal. So it is technically possible, we just currently don?t have the resources to create such an adapter ourselves in the near future. In any case, we are open to cooperation suggestions.