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?Will there be a Synthesis SyncML client for the Palm PRE?

We'd like to support SyncML on the PRE. However Palm's policy about whom and especially when they'll give access to their native WebOS SDK and what will be technically possible with it (interaction with the JavaScript APIs) is all but clear at the moment. We have applied for access to the native SDK, but haven't been granted it so far. Porting our code makes only sense if Palm provides a way to integrate native Linux libraries into the PRE's WebOS.

We think that SyncML will find it's way to the Pre, or more precisely into Synergy some way or another. We doubt Palm can ignore it on the long run. If that will allow a company like us to build and sell the needed components, or by integrating SyncML themselves, we're yet to find out.

As WebOS is considered as dead now, no further investments will be done for this platform.

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