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?Sometimes Synchronisation works, sometimes I get "receiving error" or "bad data"
!Basically, this indicates a problem with the network connection.

There are several possible causes. The following may help to track down the problem:

  • Many mobile carriers use "intelligent" proxy equipment which optimizes traffic for mobile web browsing - these often are not properly configured for SyncML and therefore interfere with SyncML traffic.
    To avoid this, please use https (SSL) if possible - with SSL connections, proxy equipment cannot interfere with data
  • Possibly, your wireless connection is not stable enough.
    If possible, try with a SIM card of another mobile carrier
    For Windows Mobile devices connected via a cradle/USB cable to a PC with internet connectivity: Connect the mobile device with the PC and disable the device's built-in phone (flight mode). Then, conenction to the SyncML server will be via cable, which is probably more reliable.