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?Synchronizing with MDaemon does not work correctly - what can I do?

Please switch on "Legacy mode" in the server settings screen of the Android Client, Todo+Cal+Sync, or SyncML LITE/PRO for iOS.

MDaemon has problems with the modern vCard 3.0 and iCalendar 2.0 formats - switching on legacy mode prevents using these formats and falls back to the older vCard 2.1 and vCalendar 1.0 formats to work around the problem.

Please also note not to use the date range option, because MDaemon does not support it.

If you get "Server database not found" errors, please make sure you have "server path" set to "calendar" (the default is "events", but this does not work with MDaemon).

For some MDaemon-Versions it might also be necessary to switch the SyncML-Version to "SyncML 1.1" (in the server settings screen of Todo+Cal+Sync or SyncML LITE/PRO for iOS). , instead of using "SyncML 1.2" or "automatic".