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SyncML Server

Synthesis SyncML Servers are designed to add SyncML synchronisation to existing applications with a minimum effort, and thus making them instantly compatible with a wide variety number of mobile phones, smartphones and PDAs from many different manufacturers.

Synthesis SyncML Servers support SyncML DS 1.2, 1.1 and 1.0 and can be directly integrated with existing SQL based applications via ODBC or SQLite3 by simply editing a single XML configuration file, or alternatively by writing customer-specific database adaptor plugins in C, C++, .net or Java. ODBC/SQL based and plugin based data sources can be mixed in a single setup.

Features (Version 3.0):

  • Synchronisation using SyncML standard (all OMA-DS 1.2, 1.1 and 1.0) with any SyncM compliant client which includes a large variety of mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs and desktop clients from all major manufacturers
  • Available as plugin to Apache Webserver for Linux/x86 and Mac OS X as well as ISAPI plugin for Windows IIS
  • Stable mobile sync experience through Suspend&Resume support which allows resuming sync after intentional or unintentional interruption.
  • PRO only: True push through Server Alerted Notification (SAN) - the Pushalerter tool creates appropriate binary SMS messages to trigger SAN-aware mobile devices
  • Customizable data types based on MIME-DIR, plain text and DataObj - sample config includes contacts, events, tasks, notes, bookmarks and (PRO only) emails
  • PRO only: Powerful built-in scripting language for advanced customisation
  • Directly interfaces with SQL/ODBC data sources
  • PRO only: Plugin API with SDK for custom database adapters written in C/C++/Java
  • Supports SSL through Apache / IIS web server

Variants available

PRO (professional version)Functionality of STD plus
  • Support for plugin database adaptors, which can be written in C/C++/JAVA using our Plugin SDK
  • Built-in scripting language (C/JavaScript like) for flexible field mapping, extended filtering, custom actions on various events
  • Support for email data type including attachments
  • Support for SyncML TAF filtering and Synthesis extended filtering - Clients can specify filtering expressions in the database path to restrict the sync set
  • Support for Master/Detail mapping in SQL databases
DEMOThe Demo versions of Synthesis SyncML Products are available at no cost

They feature exactly the same fully functional SyncML implementation as in the STD and PRO products, so they are very well suitable for compatibility tests and experiments.
DEMO versions are restricted to a simple, text file based database format, while the full versions (STD and PRO) have SQL/ODBC and custom plugin database integration capabilities.
DEMO versions are standalone, console applications (while STD and PRO servers are also available as plugin modules for Apache or IIS)

Supported platforms

 Windows - Go to Downloads
 Linux for x86 / x86_64 - Go to Downloads
 Linux for ARM / Raspberry Pi - Go to Downloads
 Mac OS X Universal Binary - Go to Downloads